Dental Guards and Appliances in Legacy

Dental Guards and Appliances Near You

At Township Dental Wellness, we are dedicated to helping all of our patients achieve optimal oral health. In addition to healthy teeth and gums, we also provide dental guards and appliances in Legacy to protect your teeth from damage. Some issues such as teeth grinding can cause pain and major damage to your teeth. Our team is here to help relieve your pain and prevent future oral health problems from occurring. If you would like to receive dental guards and appliances near you, please contact us!

dental guards and appliances in legacy

Night Guards

Teeth grinding can damage your teeth, cause headaches and jaw pain. Night guards are an effective way to prevent teeth grinding by acting as a barrier between your teeth. The guard will also minimize the pressure when you bite down.

Snoring/Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snoring can affect your rest, which in turn affects your productivity and your quality of life. We provide snoring treatment to ensure you and your loved ones get the rest you deserve.

Sports Mouth Guards

High-contact sports can cause mouth injuries. We provide sports mouth guards to protect your teeth and minimize the damage in the case you get injured. They are custom-made, so they will fit comfortably and stay in place. With a mouth guard, you can enjoy your favourite sports without worrying about dental damage.

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) controls how your jaw moves and functions. TMD can cause pain, headaches and affect how your jaw functions. We provide various treatments for TMJ to relieve your pain and restore the functionality of your jaw.

Looking for dental guards and appliances near you? Contact our practice to schedule a consultation today. We offer a variety of quality dental guards and appliances in Legacy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.