9 Root Canal Recovery Tips

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9 Root Canal Recovery Tips

If the dentist advises you to get root canal therapy because it’s a relatively safe and necessary surgery for repairing teeth that have been badly fractured or infected.

When a tooth is severely damaged or diseased, root canal therapy in Legacy is required to save and restore it. When the pulp in the tooth develops an infection or is injured, this surgery is carried out. The pulp is taken out during root canal therapy, and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. 

Following root canal therapy, appropriate oral hygiene must be practiced to prevent future tooth damage and speed up the healing process for the treated teeth. The following guidelines must be followed to hasten recuperation and prevent any issues:

Aftercare and Recovery Tips

1. Follow All Instructions From Your Dentist

Your dentist will advise you on what medications to take, what to eat, and how to manage your symptoms following a root canal. It’s essential to adhere to their recommendations to guarantee a quick and painless recovery. There’s no need to worry because symptoms often only last a few hours and are minimal. It may be necessary to take antibiotics to avoid getting sick. Make sure to finish the entire course of antibiotics if you have been prescribed them.

2. Take Painkillers

Although the operation was painless, as the anesthetic wears off, you’ll feel pain and discomfort in your jaw and gums. An anti-inflammatory pain reliever marketed under the brand name Advil is one example that our dentist will advise taking.

3. Gargle with Warm Salt Water Daily

Gargling with warm water and salt will help keep your mouth healthy and stop an infection from spreading to the gums that surround the tooth that is bothering you. One cup of warm, though not boiling, water should be mixed with about half a teaspoon of salt.

4. Use a Cold Compress

After your root canal treatment near you, eating ice cream and applying cold compresses will decrease swelling. Do not eat ice cream with a damaged tooth because you can experience tooth sensitivity. After the operation, use a cold compress for up to 15 minutes many times per day until the edema has diminished.

5. Avoid Exercise for a Few Days

For the first several days, take some time off. For at least 48 hours, refrain from any vigorous physical activity. Running, trekking, participating in physical activity, or performing physical labor should all be avoided in order to get enough rest.

6. Avoid Anything That Can Cause Inflammation

It is advised to stay away from certain foods when recuperating after root canal therapy because they are known to irritate the gums and result in discomfort and swelling that can impede your healing. You should refrain from consuming or employing the following behaviors: smoking, drinking alcohol or hot beverages, drinking with a straw, biting, or eating tough or sucking-requiring meals. 

7. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene Routine 

You should maintain your regular dental hygiene practice in order to keep everything in good condition since modern root canals are relatively non-invasive procedures. You don’t want plaque to accumulate on your recently fixed tooth. At least twice a day, brush, and at least once, floss. To keep things clean, you can also apply an antibacterial mouthwash. 

8. Chew Slowly

Until your general dentist near you completes your final repair, avoid biting on hard foods with your teeth. 

9. Attend Follow-Up Appointments

It is best to consult a specialist rather than take a chance if you suspect you may be experiencing negative side effects after your root canal operation. In the long term, it’s always ideal for your health and pocketbook to address problems right away. Make time to meet with us, and we’ll check that everything is in order.

Have More Questions? 

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